Best Audiophile Headphones for Gaming Reviews 2020

Searching for the best audiophile headphones for gaming? You’ve come to the right place.

There are tons of aspects that you have to consider when you are on the hunt for your new headphones. That is because the stability between highs and lows range depends on what genre you are going to select, as well as what you are using it for whether to listen to music, play the games.

Audiophiles offer a variety of ranges from casual listeners to professionals in the music and gaming industry as their headphones are professionally built by keeping professionals in mind. These headphones deliver high fidelity but are cost-effective.

The wide range is available of the best Audiophile Headphones in 2020 for gaming but according to our experiences and examinations, the one which is leading the flag is, Sennheiser HD 598as as it is super doper in audio quality, connectivity, durability, and comfort. It provides remarkable quality no matter what and where you are using it, whether it is your phone, computer, or any other device.

If you want to get a lot more for your money then must go with this audiophile headphone. Highly Remarkable!!

Best Audiophile Headphones for Gaming

For immediate decision of best audiophile headphones let’s have a brief look at our comparison table!!

Let’s begin with the reviews and see all the best audiophile headphones explained with pros, cons, and other options to see which one is ideal for you.

SR#NameFeaturesImageCheck Price
1.Sennheiser HD 598Weight: 0.59 lbs

Warranty: 2 Year
MB169B Check Price
2.AKG Pro Audio K712Weight: 8.3 ounces

Dimensions: 4.45 x 7.83 x 8.35 inches
MB169B Check Price
3.Philips X2/27Dimensions: 4.33 x 7.48 x 9.05 inches

Connections: wired
MB169B Check Price
4.Beyerdynamic CustomCover Designs: 16

Frequency: 10 - 24, 000 Hz
MB169B Check Price
5.Audio-TechnicaSensitivity: 100 dB/mW

Impedance: 38 ohms
MB169B Check Price

1. Sennheiser HD 598


  • Dimensions10 x 8.10 x 9.40 inches
  • Item Weight- 0.59 lbs.
  • Headphones- 6.35 mm
  • Warranty- 2-year limited


This matchless comfortable headphone delivers a wholly natural listening experience and The HD 598 Special Edition headphones are having an open back which looks amazing in appearance and superb in style! As many games deliver proper instructions to proceed and play so this headphone is a brilliant choice for this purpose.

Sennheiser HD 598

This audiophile headphone combines extraordinary sound quality with exciting wearing comfort and lets you bump your gaming style. This premium headphone comes with a padded leatherette headband and well-appointed velour which makes it soft and ears friendly.

Its covered ear pads are impeccable for long listening sessions of gaming. It is not mandatory to use this laptop only for gaming; it is a multipurpose comprises two cable options: 3 meters and 1.2 meters that includes a 3.5mm adapter plug for perfect audio delivery.

It gives a 2 years warranty to its users and that is very appealable. Though it is very worthy of the functioning and you won’t get any complaints regarding it, still it gives warranty to users to keep the strong relation of users and manufacturers.

It is well-matched and effectively works with every audio device and works well with phones, tablets, computers, and stereo components. You can get a classy gaming and elegant style through these headphones.

This headphone is having a leatherette headband and comfortable velour which has awesome ear pads for continuous and long gaming hours. These Audiophile Headphones can be used for a long working day without any health issue or earache. It is quite safe to carry and has an upgraded style. Now you must know what it’s one of the best audiophile headphones.


Sennheiser HD 598 is the best headphone as this is light weighted and has reasonable warranty duration and high fidelity. So if you are looking at the headphones for gaming then stop thinking more, just hit the buy button and let the fun on! The amusement and joy of these headphones will never let you stop gaming or to take them off ever!

2. AKG Pro Audio K712

If you want to entertain high-resolution gaming sound in the comfort of your home then these Headphones are your perfect companion.


  • Headphones- XLR Jack
  • Weight- 8.3 ounces
  • Dimensions- 4.45 x 7.83 x 8.35 inches
  • Supreme input power- 200 mW


The AKG K712 PRO is a blessing for studio-dwellers and audiophiles as Open-Back Headphones is a dream. The open-back design of K712 associates with carefully-selected transducers which ensure that every detail of your sound is reproduced with precision.

AKG Pro Audio K712

Their wide spacious soundstage, rich sonic functioning, and comfy wearing comfort deliver a truly-special listening experience. Innovative flat-wire voice coils make availability of far-fetched impulse and treble responses, at the same time its improved low-end performance gives powerful sound imaging.

Their superior manufacturing ensures that you can listen ample in comfort. If you’re a musician, mastering engineer, or a fan of high-fidelity sound then headphones of AKG K712 PRO are no comparison. The K712s is capable of accurately-reproducing every sound with outstanding clarity which means you can hear everything with accuracy.

It keeps you stress-free by delivering more comfort and lower Fatigue. These headphones blow new life into gaming with their vast soundstage, accurate sound, and first-class comfort for gaming. You can master the sounds and mix them out; you will always get precise sounds.

Improve in and regulate that bothersome sound in your lovable mix, or unearth precious hidden details that you never knew occurred in your desired tracks. You can rock with the help of its Combining revolutionary technology and carefully-selected mechanisms. This Audiophile Headphones packs you in pure sonic ecstasy and lavish comfort!.If you want to make fancy PC use white color scheme and try white motherboards also


These super quality headphones do not produce side-effects if you are using it for the long hours. Legendary design and clear-cut powerful sound of these gaming headphones lead to an improved low-end performance by 3dB! Just once take on these headphones on your ears and you will surely find your gaming at a far better level!!

3. Philips X2/27

Philips X2/27 is one of the best Audiophile Headphones which covers a wider frequency range and wider vigorous range, widening beyond the bounds of our hearing.


  • Item Weight- 0.84 lbs.
  • Dimensions- 4.33 x 7.48 x 9.05 inches
  • Connections- Wired
  • Adaptor- 3.5mm to 6.3mm


You can enjoy an authentic listening experience in exquisite sound and comfort, in your very own home with these super quality Fidelio X2 audiophile headphones. Engross in pristine sound details and custom-fit design that’s crafted for your extreme delight. High-resolution audio files of these headphones are the best for gaming as it has a higher bit depth and sampling rate than 16 bit/ 44.1kHz CD file setup.

Philips X2/27

Each speaker of Philips X2/27 is sensibly selected, pitched and tested, and it is being paired for the most comprehensive natural sound. The 50-millimeter motorists consume high power neodymium magnets to reproduce all your music’s dynamics and bring well well-adjusted crisp bass, crystal clear mid-range, and perfect high frequencies.

LMC (Layered Motion Control) drivers are empowered with a multifaceted polymer diaphragm that encloses a layer of stifling gel. These layers form a stretchy boundary, absorb and dampen any exaggerated frequencies, subsequent in an even and flatter frequency response. The result is a more composed, natural and refined range of high-frequency sounds.     

Acoustic open-back architecture removes air pressure build-up behind the driver and allows the ample free movement of the diaphragm. It awesomely enhances sound transparency, quality, and smoothening; by extended high frequencies. It has super soft pads that cover your ear and its original and soft leather headband will offer you excellent support across the top of your head and you will experience highly natural and relaxing after wearing it.Read the comparison of Logitech G Pro & G703


If you want an authentic listening experience in exquisite sound and comfort, in your very own home then must go with Philips X2/27 which is the high-frequency headphone for gaming. It is immersed in original sound details and custom-fit design that’s crafted for your total enjoyment. It is the right choice for gamers as it is not expensive but its features are very useful. So do not delay to get it!! It will definitely boost your gaming experience!! It is a health-friendly headphone!!

4. Beyerdynamic Custom

These Audiophile Headphones are of Custom Style and due to this capability, you can conveniently change its look and style. Highly appealing!!


  • Cover Designs – 16
  • Frequency – 10 – 24, 000 Hz
  • Impedance – 16 ohms
  • Headphones Jack – 3.5 mm


The Custom Style quality really appeals to its shoppers and you can enhance your listening experience by using these headphones. You can alter the appearance of the headphone anytime easily and like a pro.  It contains a huge collection of 16 changeable cover designs; you can start with anyone. The rest of the designs and colors are offered as optional accessories. These accessories enhance the grace of headphones and except grace functioning also much flourished.

Beyerdynamic Custom

With the non-compulsory Custom Headset, you can convert your gaming headphones into professional headphones very quickly and speedily; you do not need any assistance for this. These gaming headphones are the perfect all-in-one solution; you can use them for phone calls, for gaming and recording of audio, videos, or podcasts. The voluntary spiral cable makes certain to maximize the suppleness for any application with a length of up to 3 meters; superb!!

The custom one Pro Plus is an awesome gaming headphone as it has introduced the latest separable cable with microphone and remote features. It is the ultimate choice for smartphone interaction and conversation. The one very exclusive feature of the custom one Pro Plus is its aptitude to customize your headset to your individual liking with numerous ear cup covers, rings, ear pads, and head cushions; highly classy and comfy.Check the comparison Logitech G305 VS G703

The custom one Pro Plus now comprises an additional package that covers 16 new pairs of several ear cup cover styles. The sound profile of the headphone and Custom Sound Slider can be modified to your personal liking and need.  There are four settings of these custom headphones: from flat and see-through to exceptionally ‘bass-heavy’; the wide range is liked by everyone. The Custom One Pro Plus has a very clean, rich bass reproduction that can be effortlessly accustomed at any time even by you.


Hear things that you’ve never heard before by this awesome headphone. These high-frequency custom headphones are liked by every user around the world and fascinate the shoppers, too. If you want to improve your gaming experience then you must avail of this offer as it conveniently conveys the sounds to your ears. Just grab it and relish your high-class gaming hobby with this low-priced headphone.

5. Audio-Technica

Audio-Technica is fully open-air type headphones which are not harmful to your ears as it creates no sense of pressure on the ears, giving a completely natural sensation to your ears.


  • Model Name- ATH-AD700X
  • Connector- 3.5mm
  • Sensitivity- 100 dB/mW
  • Impedance- 38 ohms


This outstandingly unmatched headphone is very light and is self-regulating and it can be mechanically be adjusted to your head size and you can get easy-wearing listening coziness. A conventional thread at the left earpiece let go to a mini plug with a comprehended 1/4 inch connector. A wide 5-30,000Hz frequency rejoinder makes the ATH-AD700X headphones seamless and flawless optimal for manufacturers and music lovers of all sorts.


It is empowered with many feasible features that safeguard from tangling. It contains a great conductive OFC single-sided cord with elastic TPE covering to avert tangling. It gives smooth experience to its users; improved quality and elegant design.

It comprises 1/4″ (6.3 mm) adapter along with Gold-plated stereo 1/8″ (3.5 mm) connector for even and continuous working of headphones. Your gaming experience will be thrived and enhanced via these headphones. It adds more charms and true fun to your gaming. You can easily perceive the gaming instructions through these and phones and except this, you can also use these headphones for multiple other purposes.

This headphone is light in weight as it contains aluminum honeycomb casing with outstanding acoustic possessions. These headphones are users friendly as these headphones are friendly to your tender ears. These newly designed headphones are self-regulating, 3D Wing Support of these headphones provide a comfortable listening experience and its 53 mm driver replicates rich treble and midrange. This ear-fit design minimizes pressure on your ears.


Its vibrant and clear sound can really contribute in good gaming as you know there is plenty of games detail orientated games, where awareness through voice is really very important which can be attained through good quality of headphones and Audio-Technica is a true example of such qualities. This audiophile friendly headphone is a cost affected headphone that can magically improve your gaming zone. Just get set and order!


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