The 6 Best White Motherboards : Buying Guide

In this guide, we have analyzed 6 different motherboards in various price ranges to give you an idea of ​​which options are best for your situation.

When you’re creating a new system from scratch, it makes perfect sense to try to get a little colour coordination. And one of the simplest ways to do this is to go for a white motherboard. This allows you plenty of leeway in terms of the colour of the other components, and you’ll end up with a build that looks as good as it works.

Having an all-white setup is a settled fantasy for some players.

White is unique and solid shading and makes your rig distinguish between oceans of dark RGB hardware. Players who need to build that kind of platform should purchase a white motherboard in case they need to keep their similar arrangements predictable. So what are the best white motherboards? Join us as we take a look at some options, for both AMD and Intel users, so you know which ones to choose.

Are you still confused? Go for our best selection:

Intel chips will offer the best gaming performance; they just can’t match AMD’s affordability or core count. Intel: MSI Computer 7968-001R tops our Intel list for many different reasons: reasonable price, great performance, and is the “whitest” of all the motherboards we’ve mentioned.

Best White Motherboards List

More elaborations are listed below….

If you’re reading this article to choose a great motherboard, just to save your time then it is a perfect guide for you.

The selected products will help you in choosing the best one, but make sure your needs & expectations before making a purchase.

SR#NameImageCheck Price
1.ASUS Prime Z390-A white Motherboard MB169B Check Price
2.Asus Prime Z390-PMB169B Check Price
3.Asus Prime X570-Pro MB169B Check Price
4.ASUS ROG Strix Z490-A MB169B Check Price
5.MSI X370 XPOWER Gaming TitaniumMB169B Check Price
6.MSI Computer 7968-001RMB169B Check Price

1. ASUS Prime Z390-A white Motherboard

The ASUS Prime series is one of the best for high-performance ninth-generation Intel CPUs. Some of the reasons are its excellent overclocking support and the easy installation of other components.

Best White Motherboards

If you’re creating a system that should coordinate around a white motherboard, it’s one of your best options.


The number of ports on the Z390-A is excellent and its performance is equally excellent.

It has the most important features covered: multi-GPU configuration, overclocking, memory capacity (up to 64GB), and you can even equip it with RGB lighting. So if you want to make it look whiter just add some white lights to add to the overall feel.

It has MULTI-GPU SUPPORT, Nvidia SLI, AMD CrossFire, which are great features.

The motherboard also comes with all the hardware protection guards you’ll need, as well as Fan Xpert 4 to keep cooling at bay.

It comes with an LGA1151 chipset, so it has support for eighth and ninth-generation Intel processors.

It has thermal masks and an M.2 slot for best results.

It also has Safe Slot technology that strengthens PCIe slots to prevent any potential damage from a heavy GPU.

Its biggest drawback is that it doesn’t have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.

It comes at a solid price with amazing design and performance.

It’s I / O cover for the / O audio section and ports are incredibly cool.


The ASUS Prime series has always been one that comes with the best white gaming motherboards and the Z390-A is no exception.

It is clearly amazing and reasonably priced that effortlessly adapts to PC building.

It hits both quality and performance.

So you can do it without wasting time and money.

  • At a reasonable price
  • Ideal for mid-range games
  • Can be used for creativity
  • Doesn’t have built-in Wi-Fi

2. Asus Prime Z390-P

It is clearly surprising and priced fairly. However, this might not be titled as the “best white motherboard with high-end features”, but it is definitely the one with acceptable features.

Asus Prime Z390-P white motheboard

However, if your goal is to complete your white platform, look no further than this beauty.


This motherboard comes with chipset heat sinks and heat sinks that support 6 + 3 power levels. In addition to this, it is powered by 2 PCI-E x 16 slots for graphics cards that do not require SLI but require bi-directional AMD Crossfire.

On the other hand, the Prime Z390-P does not have and I / O cover for the I / O audio section and ports. Don’t let this be a disappointment to your enthusiasm for finding a reasonably priced motherboard with reasonable features. As you know, what they say, you get what you pay for.

Fan Xpert 4 technology also has an AIO pump head, so you can make sure your cooling is at bay. You’ll also get the patent-pending Safe Slot Core, which basically means the PCIe slots are strengthened so that a heavy GPU doesn’t damage the motherboard.

When it comes to cooling, there are 4 fan headers, which include the CPU fan for RGB and header and a 12V RGB header on the base.

You can buy it online or offline through Amazon.


The ASUS Prime Z390-P is a reasonably priced and well-featured motherboard that effortlessly adapts to PC building.

It is priced correctly and does not leave a 0 in your wallet. It is ideal for both games and professional use.

In conclusion, it is exclusively a good piece of hardware that complements the construction of a white PC well.

  • Ideal for mid-range games
  • Supports two ports for storage
  • Not a “high performance” motherboard at all

3. Asus Prime X570-Pro

The latest white motherboard with billions of features is the X570-Pro. The best feature of this motherboard is the PCI-E 4.0 slots that offer higher bandwidth.

Asus Prime X570-Pro white motherboard

ASUS Prime X570-Pro is a great way to get white AMD motherboard with advanced features for users on a limited budget.


The board also features the USB 3.2 Type C port for the base of its chassis, which is very fast and offers support for 128GB of DDR4 memory, and is capped at over 4400MHz. On the other hand, the best current frequency for performance is 3600MHz.

The X570-Pro motherboard supports AMD CrossfireX three-way and Nvidia SLI two-way.

It is compatible with AMD CrossfireX 3-way and NVIDIA SLI 2-way. It also has USB 3.2 Type C ports and supports up to 128GB of RAM, DDR4 RAM to be precise.

It is the most anticipated and surprising motherboard in the “reasonably priced motherboards” category.

The black PCB is surrounded by white accent pieces that look impressive, especially if you add a pop of colour with the included Aura Sync RGB.

It comes with white accents on its PCB and white heatsinks on the VRM and chipset. It is the most anticipated motherboard in the “reasonably priced motherboards” category.

It is also one of the only white motherboards with the X570 chipset. Its cooling and overclocking features are off the charts and we have every reason to believe that you definitely won’t regret buying it.

The only downside to this motherboard is that it doesn’t offer many troubleshooting functions.


The ASUS Prime X570-Pro is the best high-performance motherboard offering optimized overclocking and amazing cooling capabilities.

  • Reasonable price
  • Compatible with Ryzen processors
  • Good overclocking functions
  • Fewer troubleshooting options

4. ASUS ROG Strix Z490-A

ROG Strix Z490-A Gaming helps you get the most out of your gaming build with improved power delivery and optimized cooling. Smart controls let you easily manage overclocking, cooling, and network settings, giving you everything you need to tap the full potential of your build for world-class gaming performance.

ASUS ROG Strix Z490-A


Its cyberpunk-inspired aesthetic embodies the vibrant spirit of ROG Strix and sports a new silver and white colour scheme.

The ASUS ROG STRIX Z490-A Gaming also offers great connectivity with plenty of USB options on the rear I / O and internally. All of this performance is included in an attractive and neutral package with great RGB options for those who want more sparkle in their final build.

There are two M.2 slots available, one supporting SATA and PCIe 3.0 x4 modes, and the other supporting PCIe 3.0 x4 for NVMe. Together, they give you the fastest and most flexible M.2 interface available.

With the high-end 10-core Intel Core i9-10900K paired with HyperThreading, the ability to deliver clean, continuous power will be one of the main factors that set a good Z490 motherboard apart from the competition.

The cyberpunk-inspired aesthetic is accentuated by the bars and bold text.

This final step completed the rise of the Red brand to the forefront of the desktop processor market that began with the launch of the first generation of Ryzen CPUs.


All of this performance is included in an attractive and neutral package with great RGB options for those who want more sparkle in their final build.

Intel is finally responding with the launch of 10th generation Intel Core processors, along with a new motherboard standard to handle them.

  • 10th generation Intel Core processor
  • Ryzen 3000 series desktop processor
  • BIOS flashback
  • Rear I / O
  • You have connectivity problems

5. MSI X370 XPOWER Gaming Titanium

MSI has made cosmetic changes to make the XPower variant stand out from the rest of the crowd, with a titanium silver PCB and similarly styled heatsinks in the chipset and power delivery.

MSI X370 XPOWER Gaming Titanium


The XPower brand over the years has been largely associated with overclocking and enthusiast level performance, but due to a change in the direction of MSI in terms of marketing, XPower branding is now also correlated with gaming.

Each of the seven different overclocking presets produces multiplier changes and CPU voltage modifications.

The best online gaming experience with the lowest latency and bandwidth management is much better and this made your life interesting.

MSI also includes a splitter extender cable to connect two RGB strips.

Audio is generally overlooked when buying a motherboard, but MSI seems to be on the right track.

Also, this motherboard supports NVIDIA SLI 2-way and AMD CrossFire 3-way technologies, so you can build a gaming system.

Additionally, the motherboard comes with a water pump PIN header that supports up to 2A, giving you full control of your water pump speed.

The board supports bi-directional SLI and CrossFireX configurations divided between its main PCI Express x16 slots. The PCIe and DDR4 slots have been reinforced to support the weight of high-end cards.

This particular X370 model has full support for NVIDIA SLI 2-way and also AMD Crossfire 3-way, although this requires the PCIe 2.0 x4 chipset slot.


The X370 motherboard sits in the spectrum of the high-end Ryzen motherboard.

24-hour online and offline gaming and motherboard tests conducted by eSports players make it a great device to go.

So focus on this versatile device, if you are looking for multiple tasks.

  • An elegant and updated version
  • Flash BIOS button
  • A little bit expensive

6. MSI Computer 7968-001R

It is very simple to use and automatically detects USB devices connected to the system and, when enabled, can provide up to a 30% increase in USB performance, saving a lot of time when transferring data.

MSI Computer 7968-001R

It offers virtual 7.1 surround sound in high definition using exclusive stereo equipment.


It’s the amazing sound quality that pushes the limits of reality to an extraordinary level.

This goes up at eleven; 8 levels of easy overclocking, which is the best feature to consider.

Its CPU can be used more effectively and you can enjoy more FPS when you play.

With a dedicated OC dashboard without compromise, extreme LN2 overclocking has never been easier. OC Dashboard presents all the necessary tools to break records; DirectOC +/-, slow mode, fast boot, and full download.

Assign macros, start your favourite games or overclock in real-time with a single button, done very precisely, you can’t even imagine.

It is designed with OC Essentials and OC Engine 2 for best results.

USB Direct enables faster and more convenient ways to save scores, update BIOS, and install drivers and software when using an open test bench.

MSI features DDR4 Boost technology with optimized traces and fully isolated memory circuits.


You can enjoy stunning, crystal-clear sound and music through 8-channel HD audio or high-dependency headphones and truly outstanding gaming.

These features increase stability, help troubleshoot, allow you to keep your entire system in check, and allow for simple administration. In this way, you can focus on overclocking throughout the day, even during work.

The possibilities are endless!

  • 16-step macro programming
  • Easy to use and easy to use application
  • 1 load key to your favourite game
  • May cause problems with ECC RAM support

Buyer’s Guide

There should be some important features to consider before making a purchase:

Our experts after immense research had shown some essential characteristics to consider before making a decision:

When building your own gaming PC, selecting a motherboard is a critical decision. It houses the most important parts of your PC, like the graphics card, the CPU, and all the other components that your computer needs to function.

If your motherboard dies, your PC will be out of service until it is repaired or replaced.

Graphics card: The first thing you should notice is the graphics card because it can improve the quality of the image, therefore, a good graphics card is something you should notice before making a decision.

CPU socket: The second thing to play when choosing a motherboard is to select the CPU you will need to fit your budget or needs. With each new generation of CPU, a new socket type can be introduced. Once you have chosen the CPU of your choice, you can move on to the chipsets.

USB header: A connector on the motherboard that allows you to route a cable to the box to add additional USB ports, usually on the front panel (although some cases also offer slots on the top or rear panel). You should focus on connectivity or USB ports for best results.

FORM / SIZE FACTOR: The size of the motherboard has a direct impact on the number of features that can be included on the motherboard. For example, some smaller motherboards only have two memory slots. Choosing the form factor also depends on how big you want your systems to be. Therefore, choose according to your needs.

BIOS / UEFI: Basic Unified Extensible Firmware I / O / Interface system, which connects the hardware and software that lives on the board and allows you to adjust system-level settings such as fan speed or RAM frequency. Before buying just check BIOS / UEFI.

INTEGRATED ACCESSORIES: If you need wireless or Bluetooth networks from the start, these are good things to keep in mind when making your decision on a motherboard.

PCIe slots (expansion slots)

The maximum possible data transfer rate is cut in half (although in many cases, because PCIe provides such a high limit on transfer speeds, fewer lanes don’t make a big difference).

These slot machines also play an important role in the motherboard, check its speed dynamically and then decide.


This feature allows the various parts of a motherboard to communicate with each other. The chipset determines which generations of processors a motherboard is compatible with as well as which additional cards can be used.

So focus on this essential characteristic, which defines the generation, and then make up your mind.

So make the most of your limited budget by focusing on the features that matter most and how much you need. Dispending with an additional expansion slot or fewer USB ports can make the difference between a motherboard that will complement the build of your gaming PC and one that will drag it down.

Conclusion :

The best motherboards in this article are made entirely for your help. Choose the one; satisfy your need

We agree that it can be difficult to make a decision on our top five white motherboards as they are all equally impressive. But, you can make the right decision based on your budget.

We’ve done this work for your convenience, although we knew that a white motherboard is an essential thing for you. This article will surely help you out to consider the best one, just focus on the basic needs you want.

And especially keep the budget in your mind before going to make a decision.

If you want to know which the best white motherboard is, then according to us, the best white motherboard for PC creates the MSI Computer 7968-001R.

This product is not only perfectly structured but also designed to meet the needs of a processor with precision, not to mention white.

We bring together the best motherboards 2020 has to offer, each of which has been tested and reviewed by us, so you can find the ideal one for your setup.

Thank you for reading!

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