Logitech G Pro vs G703 2020 Detailed Comparison

We all know about the Logitech. Logitech is a world-known brand for manufacturing wireless devices that ensure high-performance and great reliability through super controls over the device.

They are undoubtedly most famous for launching a series of wireless devices including webcams and mouse with a lot of unique features so you can choose confidently right according to your own choices and preferences.

You can get benefit from a Logitech mouse in many regards like super-smooth scrolling, fast controls, Impressive Led illumination, great reliability, and longer durability.

Logitech is famous because it features the easiest processing and simplest usage but the highest reliance and top-notch performance. With their mouse, you are all set and ready to slay.

All Logitech mice are performing efficiently but choosing anyone could be a tough question. No worries, we’re setting a comparison of two most-capable mice by Logitech, the G Pro, and the G 703.

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Logitech G Pro vs G703 – A deep insight

Logitech took a conventional start professionally in the year 2012 by launching a series of wireless devices and in the very next 5 years, it became a strong name in the market as Logitech’s lineups expanded and they launched many more items one after one with ravishing success.

Logitech G-Pro

There are many best mice by Logitech and somehow all are leading the market with their exceptional services and we are going to compare two of these for your convenience.

Let’s start with a comparison table to clear out the differences of basic specs among both.

SpecsLogitech G703Logitech G-Pro
Dpi200 to 12,000100 to 16,000
Scroll TypeScroll WheelScroll Wheel
Polling RateNot Specified1000 Hz
Response time1ms1ms
Acceleration40 g40 g / 400 ips
Number of buttons66
Hand orientationRightAmbidextrous
ConnectorUSB Type-AUSB Type-A
LED IlluminationRGB CustomizableRGB Customizable
Wireless Connectivity2.4 Ghz RF2.4 Ghz RF
Maximum Battery life32 hours60 hours
Full OS SupportAndroid, Chrome OS, Mac, WindowsChrome OS, Mac, Windows
Weight4.1 Oz2.88 Oz
WarrantyLimited 2 yearLimited 2 year
Price Check Price Check Price

General Specs and Features Overview : 

Before explaining all the specs and features these brilliant mouse are offering, let’ split the features into two decent categories for a better understanding.

Before starting on the differences in performance and features among both, let’s discuss the features they both share in common to offer great on-screen performance and great reliability.

 G-Pro has already started to give us the winner vibes due to its name that’s “Pro”, but let’s see who wins through proper comparison.

Common Features among G703 and G-Pro : 

The comparison table mentioned above is clear at describing all the features both Logitech G-Pro and 703 are sharing in common. These features are:

Sensor: Both Logitech G-Pro and G-703 feature an Optical sensor that can work expeditiously on any surface even without the need of a mouse pad. It enhances the user’s trust in the mouse by enhancing the reliability by many folds.

Logitech G703

Scroll Type and Buttons: Both of these mouse are offering scroll wheel for scrolling up and down around the screen along with 6 buttons for proper use. The wheel is very sensitive and offers high control over scrolling.

Response Time: It usually explains the time it takes to transfer input from the mouse to the screen. Both of our mouse are offering 1ms response time which is the best choice by gamers and streamers as they require quickest responses. The normal-level or basic mouse may offer 2ms to 4ms response time.

Connector: Connector is simple to understand. The port that connects the mouse with other appliances is known as a connecter. Our G703 as well as G-Pro, both are offering Type-A connectors which are flat and rectangular (Come on! We all know these) and can connect to pretty much everything seamlessly.

LED Illumination: Optical mouse use LED Illumination as an indicator. The color of the LED light may vary in different mouse but most commonly Red is used because Red diode is inexpensive, highly detectable, and widely used.

Our G703 as well as G-Pro, are offering RGB Customizable LED illumination that allows you to change the colors chassis for more attractive and passionate use especially during gaming.

Wireless Connectivity: With the evolving time, facilities in technology are increasing and now we have wireless mouse sometimes even way better than the wired ones. Both of these Logitech mouse are offering commodious wireless connectivity of 2.4 GHz RF which is fully compatible with any kind of internet services making it world widely reliable.

Warranty: A warranty explains the manufacturer’s trust in its appliance and longer warranties demonstrate greater trust. Both these cameras are offering a long 2 years limited warranty which is way enough for a mouse. Also, the warranty covers pretty much everything about the mouse.

Differing Features among G703 and G-Pro : 

As we have broadly explained every feature that they both possess in common, now comes the time to discuss other features they are differing in to decide which one is comparatively better.

Let’s discuss them without any further ado;

Dpi: Dpi that stands for Dots per linear inch is the scale of measuring a mouse’s sensitivity, explaining the dots a mouse can sense so far. Highest dpi will provide high and farther movement of a cursor on the screen.

G703 is offering 200 to 12,000 dpi which means it can be used for everything, from very normal tasks to the highest dpi-demanding tasks like digital gaming. The G-Pro wonders us by offering next-level dpi of 100 to 16,000 which are great to cover up many high-demanding tasks with the utmost ease.

It’s obvious, the G-Pro wins here.

Polling Rate: The polling rate is a measure of how many times your mouse is reporting to your computer and it’s measured in Hertz or Hz.

The polling rate for g703 isn’t specified by the manufacturer but the G-Pro is offering 1000Hz rate which means it’s reporting for 1000 times in a second which is a great property for any high-class mouse.

G-Pro again wins here.

Acceleration: Mouse acceleration is a favorable setting that can increase the distance of cursor when the mouse moves quickly. For gamers, it isn’t well-suited because it interferes with the mouse’s input.

The g703 is offering 40 g acceleration whereas G-Pro offers 40 g / 400 ips acceleration. There isn’t anyone clear winner here because acceleration is a personal choice and a personal preference.

Hand Orientation: The mouse is designed to be fit for the needs of the majority of the community and hence are offering widely accepted general hand orientation that is Right hand orientation in most of the mouse.

The G703 is for general Right hand use but what about those who use their left hand?? Well, the G-pro cares for them and offers an ambidextrous use for both left and right handers.

Again, G-Pro is a significant winner here.

Max Battery Life: Battery life is probably the basic area of concern for any user as the longest battery life is always exciting to have to reduce the stress of functional obstructions once the battery goes out.

Our G703 is offering a good 32hrs of long battery life whereas the G-Pro is again an unbeatable leader here with longer battery life claiming 60hrs that never goes out during a game or any continuous operation increasing the passion of screen time many folds.

The ultimate winner here is G-Pro.

Full OS Support: The Mouse has to be connected to an OS system or operating system to work hence it should must possess great synchronization or compatibility with the OS or Operating system in different kinds of devices.

Usually, the PCs, laptops, or other devices run at Mac OS, Windows, Android, or Chrome. Although both mouse in our list works great with major operating systems the G-Pro looks not to be compatible with android whereas the G703 is well-explained to be compatible with all of these operating systems inclusive of Mac OS, Windows, Android or Chrome.

For explained one, G703 wins here.

Weight of the mouse:  Weight probably doesn’t matter much when someone is doing normal working for some hours in a day on its PC but it does matter when you are a gamer or a streamer that needs to make quicker inputs with speedy cursor movements for longer gaming hours.

A lighter mouse may help you in avoiding fatigues and muscle pain keeping you fresh even on longer operations. Our G-Pro comes at 3.4 Oz whereas the G-Pro features 2.88 Oz weight.

Being lighter, the G-Pro is a winner again.

Concluding the Article : 

In the article above, we tried our best to explain the comparison between the two most appraised mouse by the famous manufacturer Logitech and for the comparison, we concluded G703 and G-Pro in the race.

We’ve separately explained the things they share in common and described differences in the next part so you can understand every feature at its best.

Although both are highly compatible and both are the premium-level mouse that can be used for many professional needs as well as gaming and streaming needs efficiently but a comparison means a decision in the end.

After reviewing both in very detail, for us, this comparison is clear to tie the knot with the ultimate best Logitech G-Pro Wireless mouse with a significant lead over Logitech G703 for many exceptional goods inclusive of higher dpi, great polling rate, ambidextrous hand orientation, impressing battery life, and lightweight handsome design.

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