HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 Review 2020

In the past, printers are far different than the present printers. But now people have made so many improvements in the manufacturing of the printers. The improvement is made on the basis of connectivity. This is the main reason that nowadays printers available in the market have BlueTooth connectivity, Wi-Fi, or they are into the cloud. The good news about the manufacturing of the printer in the next few years is that there will be a big improvement in the printers. So in the next few years, the printers will mostly have to do with automation.

In this article, we will go through the detailed review of the HP OfficeJet Pro 9025. You can use a printer for normal use as well as for professional office use. HP OfficeJet Pro is very easy to use and it is well designed so that you can have easy access to the Ink cartridges. Easy access will make the process quick and frustration-free.

HP officejet pro 9025 review

1. Build and Quality Design :

The design of the OfficeJet printer is excellent and of high quality. The body of the printer is made up of plastic which gives it a sturdy look. The power cord is attached to the printer which is removable so that you can easily replace the cord if it is damaged.

Ink cartridges are easily accessible

You can easily access the Ink cartridges from the front panel. All you have to do it to lift the top scanner lead and the rear side panel so that to remove any potential jammed paper.

Input trays

There are front input rays that have sliders. The size of the input tray is adjusted according to the paper’s size. So, you can place the photo paper and the regular paper in different ways of the printer on the front side.HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 review

Hinges on the scanner’s Lid:

This is a very good thing about OfficeJet Pro that the Hinges are present on the scanner’s lid. You can also extend the Hinges to accommodate thicker documents like books.

2. Display Screen:

The display screen of HP OfficeJet Pro 9025  is a touch screen where the display screen size of the printer is 3.3 inches.

Excellent display console

This is a great printer with an excellent display console. The display of the printer is very responsive and also provides audible feedback.


You can also change the settings according to your convenience and there are also home and back buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Display screen

Usually, the manufacturers measure the display screen from edge to edge measurement. So the display screen is 6.6 centimeter as the measurement is done diagonally.

3. Cartridge :

This is so amazing printer with an excellent cartridge system so that you can print a large number of pages before the drying of the cartridges.

Instant ink

Ink refill service is called instant ink. This is a subscription offer by HP 9025. It indicates you about the running low of the cartridges by using the ink level monitoring of the HP 9025. This service will send you the new cartridge by mail when you find that the ink is getting low. You can choose the plan based on your estimated monthly print volume.

4. Scanner :

HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 is equipped with amazing scanning features. There are certain reasons the people need high resolution for scanning the photos. For this purpose, the flatbed scanner goes up to 1200 dpi.

A smooth scanning experience

The scanning surface is made with a high-quality glass so that you get the smooth scanning experience. Saving your files in different formats. Now you can save your files in more than a dozen common formats such as PDF, JPG, TXT, and others.

Also works as a Fax machine

You can also use HP OfficeJet Pro as a Fax machine and this is so amazing thing that HP has a memory of about a hundred pages. It also has the ability to transmit about over 5 pages per second.

5. Printing Speed:

If we talk about the printing speed of the OfficeJet pro then it has a great printing speed. usually, the first page takes more time to print especially the black text document. However, the subsequent pages print much faster than the first page.

Printing of color documents

The printing speed of color documents is slightly slower than the black text document. But still, the printing speed of the color document is faster in OfficeJet pro 9025.

The printing speed of black and color documents

The printing speed of the black document is 24 ppm, the color document is 20 ppm. However, the draft document speed is 39 ppm.

Maximum resolution

The maximum resolution in black and color documents is 1200 x 1200 dpi. In HP advanced photo paper, the maximum resolution is 4800 x 1200 dpi.

Monthly page volume

The recommended monthly page volume for HP OfficeJet Pro is 30000 pages for black prints and 2,000 pages for color prints.

 6. Photo Printing Quality:

Whenever you think of buying the photo printer for you then photo printing quality matters a lot. The colors used in the cartridges are fantastic and give a decent vibrant look to the photos after printing.

A good amount of fine details

If we talk about the printing quality then it also has a good amount of fine details. However, if we go in the details of the blending in certain Shades of Grey and dark areas then they are less defined. Here, we are talking about the print, not the scanned image.

Scanning quality

In addition to the Photo printing quality, we must take into account the scanning quality of the printer. In HP OfficeJet Pro, the scanning quality is ultimately high. You can scan magazines, graphics, and text documents that remain accurate. If we focus on the close examination of the scanning results, then we come to the conclusion that some textures are overly sharpened whereas some edges come with the smeared appearance.


As we all know that if we talk about printing graphics then it plays a very important role. The graphics must have the pleasure and contrast-rich colors and also have fine details. Fortunately, HP 9025 has all these qualities.

Copy quality

In addition to the graphics, scanning quality, printing quality, copy quality is also very important when we talk about HP 9025. In this printer, the copy quality is high when you are copying from the glass. If you get the copies from the laser print then these are very short in general. However, when you are using the ADF then there are some areas where the words are not as clear as they are. Sometimes the print gets distorted, squash, long-dated. Sometimes the copies come out as doubling. But in general, the copy quality in HP 9025 is good.

7. Copy and Scan Speed

Now we are moving towards the copy and scan speed just like the printing Speed. The copies and scan speed of the OfficeJet pro are extremely fast. This is the main thing HP office 9025 is a fast printer.

Black and white copies

HP OfficeJet also has the quality of giving the black and white copies as much faster as any other printer.

Colour copies

This printer also has a great speed of giving the color copies. OfficeJet 9025 gives the color copy in just 12.5 seconds which is less than half the average time of 27.6 seconds.

8. Self-healing WiFi:

Self-healing Wi-Fi is the new feature of HP 9025. Normally, it is the common problem of many customers about dropping off the Wi-Fi connection continually during printing. But HP 9025 comes with a new feature which is self-healing Wi-Fi.Are you a gamer ? check the list of CPUs For Gtx 1060

Automatic reconnect

With the help of a self-healing Wi-Fi feature, if the printer drops the Wi-Fi connection, then it will automatically find out the network and reconnect it by itself. Even you do not know that the Wi-Fi connection is dropped and it automatically reconnects. With this main feature, it is one of the competitive printers in the market.

9. Extra Storage:

A good printer must have the ability to store a full ream of paper. This is the main quality of a small business printer and fortunately, HP 9025 has this quality.

Two paper trays

In the traditional printers, there is only one paper tray to store the full ream of paper. But amazingly, the HP 9025 comes with two trays. So you can store a full ream of paper. You can also store two different paper types in these two trays.

10. Super-Efficient Ink Cost

The Ink cartridges in HP 9025 are very efficient. So the ink cost in HP 9025 is super-efficient. We can also say that these are the extra healed cartridges where you can print black and white for only two cents per page. For color printing, you can spend 2 cents on each color. This is so amazing thing about any other inkjet printer. So the efficient ink cost of 9025 makes it superior to the other printers of its type.

11. HP OfficeJet pro 9025 smart App

I am so amazed by this feature of 9025 which is using the smart app to control the printing. When you use this HP Smart App, you can do the automatic scanning tasks by using customer user-created shortcuts. With the help of these shortcuts, you can automate repetitive steps like using the settings along with emails. You can save the document, you can rename the document, and also backing up the files and printing a copy by controlling this smart app.Are you gamer and want pre built pc ? check HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop Review

Synchronization with Google Drive

With this smart app, you can also automatically synchronize with the cloud services such as Google Drive.

Synchronization with other Softwares

By using the HP office Jet Pro smart app, you can also do the synchronization with Dropbox and some other software like intuit Quickbooks.

Completing the task in half the time

Now, you can also complete the task in half the time by using the smart app. By internal testing for the new feature, you can make the short cuts which automatically follow the future steps for scanning task and thus completing the task in half the time.

Printing using Wi-Fi and a smartphone

Most amazingly, you can also do the printing using the Wi-Fi and a smartphone. Now people are using this feature to make the printing easier and faster. You can also do the scanning from the smartphone camera. As we also talked before about the self-healing Wi-Fi with the help of which you can automatically detect and fixes the connectivity issues.

Security features

With this app, you can also control some security features such as automatic firmware, updates, network Firewalls, or encrypted customer data.


  • HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 is a small office printer that offers the fastest printing of 24 pages per minute.
  • This printer has a 35-page automatic document feeder and is two times faster than the HP OfficeJet Pro 9010 series.
  • The good thing about this printer is that you can print remotely by using the HP Smart App.
  • HP Pro 9025 has the ability to organize the documents 50% faster than the normal printer. In this way, it has the ability to eliminate the steps in the repeated tasks.
  • With this efficient printer, you can easily digitize and organize the receipts and business documents on your phone on the printer.
  • HP OfficeJet Pro has a fantastic feature of self-healing Wi-Fi. This means that you can stay connected by detecting issues and automatically undergoing the three stages of reconnection so that the Wi-Fi remains stable and reliable.
  • The printer also has the ability to secure sensitive data such as password protection, Wi-Fi security, document protection, basic encryption, with the help of a built-in Security Essential feature.
  • This is so economical printer that you can save up to 50% off HP instant ink by choosing an ink replenishment service. You can also save 10% on all the orders with Amazon Dash replenishment upon activation.
  • You can also search or edit your document by using the smart task in the HP Smart App.
  • HP Pro 9025 gives you a one-year limited hardware warranty. The manufacturers also give you 24 hours 7 days free HP web support.
  • You can easily set up your printer when you download the HP Smart app on your mobile device.

Specifications :

  • Model Number: 9025
  • Style of the product: Printer
  • Dimensions of the product: 12.53 x 17.2 x 15.6 inches
  • Item Weight: 31 pounds
  • Item model number 9025 – advanced
  • MSRP: $329.99
  • Print Speed (Pages Per Minute): 24/Black 18/Color
  • Functions: Print, Scan, Copy, Fax
  • Cartridge Series: 962, 962XL, 966XL
  • Paper Storage Capacity: 500 Sheets
  • Auto Document Feeder: Single-Pass Dual-Sided
  • Maximum Recommended Monthly Volume: 2,000
  • Print Resolution: 4800 X 1200 DPI

Pros and Cons :

  • HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 is a high-quality built printer.
  • The printing speed of this printer is great and it is also a very efficient printer.
  • This is a great printer for nearly heavy-duty office work.
  • HP 9025 also serves as a scanner and fax machine in addition to the printer.
  • According to someone review, the picture quality of HP OfficeJet Pro is average.
  • The display screen of HP Jet Pro is small.


You can also call it a family printer because it has a decent photo printing quality. HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 review gives you complete information about the great printer. The printer also has inbuilt fantastic scanning features and it is the modern printer with excellent wireless connectivity options. You can place this printer anywhere ad can be used by multiple users at the same time. If we talk about black and white printing, then we can call it an impressive printer for document printing. So far it is easy to use modern and fast printers.

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