Best RAM for Ryzen 1600 in 2020

The RAM basically works as a coordinator of the processor. With the best compatible RAM, you can get the best of performance and productivity. While building your own pc using Ryzen 1600, choosing the best supportive RAM is one of the crucial decisions as it has a direct effect on the processing because it serves as a fast and volatile memory for your operating system to access data.

By having a look at features like RAM voltage, clock speed, memory timings, etc. you can find out the compatible one with your processor. Here we have compiled a list of best RAM for Ryzen 1600 in the market along with the complete details so you can conveniently find out which one is most suitable for you.

Wanna make a quick decision ?

You can ponder over Corsair Vengeance LPX as it is engineered for the provision of high speed overclocking it means it can handle a maximum number of clock cycles within one second. The power consumed by the RAM is 1.2 Volts. The heat spreader is a part of it for heat dissipation which works at the pace of 2133MHz. This DDR4 memory has a capacity of 32 GB and comes with the fastest clock speed of 3200MHz.

Best RAM for Ryzen 1600

A pile of RAM’s is present in the market different from one another on the basis of different features. Its become a really difficult task to find out the most compatible one which can deliver you the exceptional outcomes as well. For converting your difficulty into ease, we have crafted a comparison table below, so you can easily compare different products their capacity and prices.

SR#NameCapacityImageCheck Price
1.Corsair Vengeance LPX32 GBMB169B Check Price
2.G.Skill 16GB16 GBMB169B Check Price
3.Kingston Technology Value RAM8 GBMB169B Check Price
4.GeIL EVO POTENZA 16GB16 GBMB169B Check Price
5.Patriot Viper Steel Series16 GBMB169B Check Price
6.Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB16 GBMB169B Check Price

1. Corsair Vengeance LPX

While searching for the best RAM for your Ryzen 1600, you can ponder over Corsair Vengeance LPX as it ensures about providing you excellent performance without lock-ups or lagging as well as maximum productivity because of its high clock speed it means it can handle maximum instruction during a single clock cycle. The XMP 2.0 support is also here for delivering a trouble-free and automatic overclocking.  The storage capacity offered by it is 32 GB whereas the clock speed delivered by it is 3200 MHZ which is quite extraordinary. The power consumed by the RAM is 1.2 volts just like other RAMs used for common processors. An efficient overclocking delivered by it results in raising temperature which can lead to severe damage. The solution to prevent this issue is present in the form of aluminum heat spreader which results in dissipating heat from IC at the rate of 2133 MHz

Corsair Vengeance LPX

The RAM has basically a DDR4 module and offers you an exceptional outcome because of its low power consumption, high frequency, and greater bandwidth.  The IC of the RAM is individually screened. It comes with a smaller size and in multiple colors so you can choose the one that matches your motherboard.

To conclude the discussion, we can say that the RAM comes with features that can play an important role in boosting up your productivity by collaborating with your Ryzen 1600. With an excellent overclocking, it enables your system to do multitasking at the fastest pace. Because of the load over it, its temperature rises up, for the prevention of any kind of harm; the heat spreader technology is also a part of it. So while searching for the best RAM for your Ryzen 1600, the product is worth noticing.

  • Excellent speed and storage
  • Maximum overclocking
  • Heat spreader technology
  • Variation in color
  • Small in size
  • Low power consumption
  • A bit overpriced

2. G.Skill 16GB

You Ryzen 1600 can also lead towards the expected result with the assistance of G.Skill 16 GB as it is optimized for the latest processors and results in achieving the best of best performance. As it comes with the DDR4 hence ensures about a greater bandwidth. It basically has 2 matched 8 Gb modules, collectively 16 GB of storage, this pair of same size modules then installed in a memory bank and results in reducing the potential performance. The power consumed by the RAM is 1.35 Volts. The memory clock speed offered to you is 3200 MHz which is quite fast.

G.Skill 16GB

The memory timings are there which can calculate the latency or delay between each command, the memory timing offered by G.Skill is 16-18-18-38. Both of the features mean speed and memory timing results in making the memory module fast. As with the constant working and because of the load on RAM, it heats up and can result in damaging it or other components. For proper heat dissipation, it has a luxury two colors heat sink and with a fin design which enables it to be at the stable temperature. You can also use it for gaming purposes as the gaming requires high-speed performance without any lagging so if you are designing your system for gaming, the G.Skill is appreciable in this regard.

We can summarize that the RAM is engineered for the provision of a high overclocking pace. It double-ups your performance with excellent timing, speed, and bandwidth as well. It does not consume much of your power. For keeping it on normal temperature, it comes with the complete heat spreading design. Because of its gaming capability, it enables you to have a 1080 p gaming experience. All these properties make it remarkable in the list of most compatible RAM with Ryzen 1600.

  • Proper heat dissipation design
  • Greater bandwidth because of its DDR4 property
  • Excellent memory timing
  • Excellent speed
  • Low power consumption
  • Can support your GPU as well
  • Not captivating in looks

3. Kingston Technology Value RAM

Your search for gaining better productivity can lead to the Kingston Technology Value RAM. The RAM is based on a double data rate-3 module with a capacity of 8 GB. The clock speed offered by it is 1600 MHZ. It comes with the 240-pin DIMM.

Kingston Technology Value RAM

All in all, the capacity of RAM can be proved good in order to perform common tasks. The DDR3 module offers greater bandwidth which can result in achieving an excellent data transfer. With the fastest clock speed, it enables you to do multitasking without facing any kind of system lagging.

  • Good clock speed
  • The capacity of 8 GB
  • Compact design
  • Boot up issues


Another considerable option in this regard is GeIL EVO POTENZA. This DDR4 memory module is responsible for delivering higher frequency and bandwidth and can boost up your performance. It offers an excellent overclocking, for don’t let it raise the temperature during overclocking; it comes with the Maximum thermal conduction and dissipation technology. The memory timing offered by it is 16-16-16-36 whereas the RAM voltage consumed by it is 1.2 Volts. Its capacity is 16 GB which is quite efficient.


As a whole, the essential requirements are completely fulfilled by it. The design hold by the RAM is innovative and attractive. With an excellent capacity, timing, and overclocking it can result in delivering good productivity.

  • Low RAM voltage
  • Efficient memory timing
  • Maximum thermal conduction and dissipation technology
  • Some claims about its overclocking inconsistency

5. Patriot Viper Steel Series

One of the most compatible RAM with Ryzen 1600 is Patriot Viper Steel Series because this DDR4 RAM offers you an overclock speed of 4133 MHZ to 4400 MHz with an excellent memory timing (i-e delay between each command) of 19-19-19-39, both of these excellent feature results in making your RAM module extremely fastest and boosting up the performance. The XMP 2.0 support is also a part of it. The base frequency offered by it is 2133 MHZ.

Patriot Viper Steel Series

The aluminum heat shielding feature is also here as it comes with an excellent overclocking speed which can result in extremely heating up the system, so this heat shielding feature basically dissipates the heat out of it and keep it cool. It can be adjusted inside any other motherboard because of its smart design. This Patriot RAM comes with the steel sleek look with the diamond-cut viper logo over it with the black and grey in color. It also offers you an option for making a choice between single and dual UDIMM kit. The voltage consumed by the RAM is 1.35 Volts.

All in all the properties and features of RAM ensures its excellent and stable performance. The overclock speed range offered by it is just extraordinary and makes it more remarkable among competitors in the market.  Some extra features include its smart design and heat shielding feature. All these things proved that the product is highly worth spending money.

  • Excellent overclock speed
  • Efficient memory timing
  • XMP 2.0 support
  • Steel and sleek design
  • Low voltage consumption
  • The heat spreaders are loosely secured

6. Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB

The Corsair Vengeance LPX can be proved compatible with the Ryzen 1600 it ensures about providing you an excellent performance because of its high clock speed and can handle maximum instruction during a single clock cycle without letting you face any kind of lock-up. Because of this excellent overclocking, the system may result in heating up, for letting it cool and solving this issue, the aluminum heat spreader is a part of it that dissipates heat from IC with the rate of 2133 MHZ. For the provision of a trouble-free and automatic overclocking, the XMP 2.0 is a part of it. It offers you a capacity of 32 GB and a clock speed of 3200 MHZ. The RAM voltage (means power consumed by it) is 1.2 Volts. The RAM comes with a dual data rate4 (DDR4) module and offers you features like low power high frequency and greater bandwidth.  The IC of the RAM is individually screened. It also enables you to choose RAM color according to the color of the mother board.

Corsair Vengeance LPX

In a nutshell, we can say that it can provide complete coordination with your Ryzen 1600 processor because of its extraordinary features. With the high frequency, clock speed, and greater bandwidth, you can get exceptional performance. With the variation in color, you can make it matched with your motherboard. Because of all such aspects, it is worth considering as well as worth buying.

  • Exceptional speed
  • High overclocking
  • Heat spreader technology
  • Present in various colors
  • Low voltage consumption
  • A bit expensive

Buying Guide :

While searching for the compatible RAM with your Ryzen 1600, you should completely know about the features so you can efficiently and conveniently decide whether the product hold or lack the features you require. We are describing all such factors which should be a part of the RAM in order to get the best outcomes so you can go through them in order to find out the suitable one for you.

Number of DDR: The DDR basically stands for double data rate it means it is directly proportional to the excellent performance. The more will be the rate of transferring per clock cycle, the more efficiently it works. Most of the RAMs compatible with Ryzen 1600, often have DDR module 3 or 4. The DDR4 offers greater bandwidth than DDR3. The storage capacity of ddr3 is limited to 16 GB whereas in the case of ddr4 it is unlimited. Considering the speed, the speed of ddr3 varies from 800 to 2133 MHz whereas the minimum speed offered by ddr4 is 2133MHz. Based on these differences and requirements, you can choose which one you really need.

Clock Speed: The memory clock speed indicates how many times the RAM accesses its memory within per second. Single access to the memory termed as a single cycle. So the maximum speed means maximum cycles handle by it. So while searching for the RAM you should notice that is it faster or not as it is the basic criteria that can lead to achieving an excellent outcome.

Memory Timing: The memory timing is mentioned on the RAM in the form of series of 4 digits, so you can check it from there but before it, the question arises what is the function of memory timing? The memory timing basically is the delay between each command. The better timing results in making the RAM fast. The 4 numbers collectively calculate the latency. So while buying check its latency first.

Capacity: The RAM’s are present in 16 GB as well as 32 GB, you can choose according to your need. For performing common tasks, 8GB can be proved enough however, in case of gaming; you can go with 16 GB. For performing intensive tasks on your Ryzen you can rely on 32 GB.

Channels: The RAM’s come in the single or dual-channel configuration. The dual-channel RAM has more bandwidth than a single one. Moreover, the dual-channel RAM can be more compatible with the Ryzen 1600. So you should keep this factor in mind while searching for the best one.

RAM Voltage: The RAM voltage is also one of the important factors; it means how much voltage is consumed by RAM. The low voltage RAM put less strain on CPU but can’t be proved that much efficient with all motherboards so check it before.

Heat Spreader: Most of the RAMs come with the heat spreader technology. As while overclocking, the temperature rises up, so this feature enables heat dissipation but it is not a necessary element, it is just served as an extra element. Most of the RAMs in the market come with heat spreaders glued with them.


How do I choose RAM for Ryzen ?

You can easily choose a RAM for Ryzen by pondering over some of the main features like speed offered by it. It is obvious that everyone wants the fastest speed in order to enjoy the best performance, so go with the one having the fastest clock speed but speed is not the only factor that makes it fast. The memory timing also plays an important role in fasten up the RAM module. Some of the other factors include bandwidth, frequency, and capacity, etc.

What RAM works best with Ryzen ?

All the above-mentioned RAMs can work best with Ryzen processors as they offer you all the features with excellent compatibility with it such as dual-channel, excellent speed, and timing, etc. So you can consider them while buying.

What RAM works with Ryzen 5 1600 ?

The products assembled in the articles are claimed as best RAs that can be proved compatible with Ryzen 5 1600 and can result in the provision of excellent performance and productivity.

By having a look at products, their details, buying guides, and FAQs, you can conveniently make a decision based on all this facts-based information.

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